The Active Spaces Project - Changing Lives, Together.

Our mission is to make health a central part of society, reversing declining health measures. To achieve this we have to revolutionise health systems, from healthcare to preventative health industries.

This cannot be done by one company. It is the responsibility of millions of purposeful professionals and organisations worldwide to grow into something more. To create more meaningful and accessible solutions that redefine the sector into one that is critical to a healthy society.

We are building a more decentralised professional network for health professionals to share content, build communities, collaborate on projects, develop their skillset, enhance their business models and much more.

It is based on a proprietary system of Growth, designed to elevate the whole sector.

This newsletter discovers the relationship between the health sector, global digital networks, professional development, organisational growth and web3. These are the catalysts of a new type of professional network platform that is mission-focused. One that will evolve the preventative health sector to create greater meaning and accessibility for health services.

This newsletter is about Growth.

Not the way you see growth, however. Financial growth, growth hacking or growth marketing - but Growth

Growth is a new model that defines the mission orientated drive to sectoral development. It could be applied to tech, energy, agriculture, or in our case, health.

Growth operates under four dimensions - Personal, Professional, Organisational and Sectoral. These broad categories include hundreds of sub-categories that define the pursuit of the central shared mission of the sector.

Growth is influenced by information ecosystems, learning & development systems and work & employment systems. These systems commonly influence almost every component of our 9-5 (but usually longer).

Recognised business structures of professional development, business development, technology integration, networking, up/re-skilling, learning & development, hiring & talent discovery, remote working and productivity are optimised into the process of Growth Value. Everything professionals and businesses need to grow and increase their impact are more effectively understood, delivered and measured through one system.

That is newsletter covers how we are building on these systems in the health sector to create the leading professional network platform.

What is an Active Space?

Active = the intentional development of your body and mind

Space = physical or digital spaces designed to facilitate active progress

It is designed to be a catch-all term for the huge variety of spaces and organisations that exist to support our health.

The collaboration of active spaces will create a cultural change toward health.

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